Top Tips to Score Highest Marks in 12th Board Exams

Updated: Feb 12

Top Tips to Score highest Marks in 12th board exam for students who are appearing in 12th class, surely this gonna help a lot in a long run for many students who wish to be successful with the great result and to be in the merit of colleges cut off. Students always want to know that ‘How to get Top marks in 12 board exams‘ and be a topper in the entire class. So you will get the best of those tips here only.

Believe you can and you are halfway there

There we are having most basic tips to follow up to be successful in the board exams which is always taken as critical exams for any student in his/her life. Tips to score highest marks will surely push your moral as well as the confidence to score maximum out off which you are desiring to score.

Top Tips to Score Highest Marks:-

Always feel Positive:-

A positive attitude is a key to solve many of the problems which you face in your life, During exam time this is an important feature to have in you for success & Crack your exams with blushing colors.

What to do night before the exam:-

The night before the exam is very much crucial for your exam and your exams performance pretty much dependent upon that. you must not cram before the exams to follow or you should just take the review for each topic you feel important or less confident.

You should sleep as soon as possible to make your brain as well as body to relax a bit and to be well prepared for the exams. as our brain to need a rest to be fresh and remember well for the exam.

Time Before the exam:-

never try to read anything or to study or cram just before the exam time even if your friends ask you for the topic he misses or leaves during the preparation of exams. close your book 1 hour before the exam starts and feel relaxed and worry-free and full of self-confidence before the exam.

During Exam time:-

Check out all the things you required during exam time i.e.., Pen, Pencil, Sketch Pens, rubber, sharper, each and everything whether it is small or big matters a lot during your exam time.

Read all the instructions carefully before giving exam and keep that in your mind during exam time and don’t make any foolish mistake regarding your exam paper Instructions.

when you feel Stuck during Exam:-

There will also a moment comes in your exam time when you feel stuck with some questions or a single questions . you just need to be relaxed and calm, don’t be panic in that situation and make your self-be confident and try to think that answer with a cool mind.

If you are not feeling like giving that answer then make any resembles sign or tick that question with pen and move on to the next question and try doing that question after you finish your exam and still left with time.

Answer sheet should be neat & clean:-

Handwriting matters a lot for good or highest marks during your exam as your writing makes the 1st impression on the checkers’ mind and make your answer sheet more filled with glow and read for the examiner or checker of the answer sheet.

Underline the lines you feel important and want to attract the examiner towards that so that he/she can be able to make a right mindset about your answer given and also rewards with the full or maximum marks

After Completion Of exam paper:-

when you end up with exam paper or question paper don’t feel like running out of examination hall, Sit there and review each n every answer before depositing that to the invigilator also, look for the questions you left during answering or in which you stuck.

Search for the mistakes you have done during writing and tuned in towards the hardest question you think and also feels uncomfortable of answering that review that well and looks for to add any other important lines you missed to answer in that.

All the best !

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